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September is here!

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In OEATA's efforts to help create more public awareness of the growing professional field of EXAT practioners and supporters, OEATA has proudly listed the names of it's more than 70 Current Members (and growing!) on the OEATA website.

If you have already created your OEATA Member Directory profile, your listed name now appears as a link that connects directly your profile page - how convenient!

If you have not yet created your profile, your name simply appears listed on the Current OEATA Members page (please let us know if don't want your name to appear).

If you'd like your listed name to link directly to your profile, please login to the site and create your profile! Your profile can be very simple with only your name and contact info or it can include a photo and professional bio about your EXAT education, experience and services - it's up to you!

Remember, you can create your OEATA member profile at any time by logging in to the member directory and inputing your info and photo. Let us know if you need help - we can even set up a very basic name/email profile for you!

Forgot, lost or never recieved your OEATA login username and password? Ask us (info@oeata.ca) and we will re-send it to you!



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