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Michelle Denis MacDougall RP, EXAT

Expressive Arts Therapist


At Sundance Expressive Arts, Michelle Denis MacDougall offers mindfulness and somatic based Expressive Arts Therapy to adults, couples, families and groups. She is currently in private practice and runs a Mindfulness based Expressive Arts Therapy Men’s Group at St.Leonard’s Place Peel in Brampton.

Drawing on a dance, music, and acting background, and by a more recent found love of the visual arts, Michelle brings a diverse approach to the expressive artistic process. Informed by a foundation in mindfulness meditation, yoga, earth-based spirituality and a passionate interest in neuroscience, she brings a lively curiosity towards the integration of the human mind, body and spirit.

Michelle trusts in the sensory and playful experience of the arts and mindfulness meditation to foster reconnection to our most integrated, peaceful and joyful selves. She encourages acceptance of vulnerability as a vital part of life and connection, and works sensitively with issues of race, sexual orientation, gender, class, age, language, ethnicity, religion and mobility.

Michelle has done further psychotherapeutic studies in Autosomatic Training with Dr.Phil Walsh and is now embarking on a journey with the Hakomi Somatic and Mindfulness based psychotherapy method.
Hours: Some Daytime, Some Tuesday and Friday evenings, and Saturdays.

Credentials: ExAT, BFA, OEATA

Location until the end of February is at the Inner Arts Collective Chester and Danforth. She is moving to a location in the West end in March, to be announced soon.