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Name: Anthony Bergamin
Home: Business: Cell: 647-654-3645 Mailing Address:
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Professional - $85 Inactive - Student - Associate Expressive Arts Practitioner (AEAP) - Supporting - Affiliate - International -

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Name of Company, Agency or Employer: self-employed private exat practice
Phone number:

Name of Current Supervisor: Shelane Donoghue, RP
Supervisors Phone:

Offering Supervision? No, I do not offer Supervision at this time

CRPO Registered Psychotherapist: No, I do not yet have CRPO RP Designation

Committee Work? Yes, I am interested in committee work
Committee: Communications
OEATA Directory Listing: Yes, I have completed the OEATA Public online directory form

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Signature: YES Donation: TOTAL: 85