All Things Administrative

The Governance Committee maintains the structure and communication flow of the organization, suggests revisions to governing documents with the support and guidance of committee members, protects the legal integrity of the association, acts as a neutral mediator of member concerns, hopes, conflicts and alleged violations of the code of ethics, keeps the by-laws alive, oversees the nomination process and creates a feedback process regarding the functioning of the organization.


Ethics Sub-Committee develops the OEATA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice in compliance, with that of the CRPO, on an ongoing basis in response to shifts that inevitably will occur and disciplinary action.

Nominations Sub-Committee identifies possible new board members with the experience and skill sets required
Finance Sub-Committee works in co-ordination with the Treasurer and Board to develop the annual budget.

Working together…

Communications Committee manages content, design and operation of the website which includes CRPO notifications, Membership Directory, the Newsletter and all other communications which reflects OEATA’s vision and mission.

Membership Committee oversees and handles administrative tasks, including collecting and maintaining membership data, mailing lists, processing new and renewal memberships, and responding to communications regarding membership. The committee is also responsible for membership drives to attract new members and retain the present membership.

Making a splash in the larger world…

Professional Development Committee provides opportunities for members to develop their practices, grow their edge, network, join a Circle of Competency, find a Peer Supervision Group and generally reflect on the framework of the Code of Ethics…a place to professionalize your practice. Also to find support for your CRPO application.

Public Relations Committee encourages OEATA’s growth through advocacy and development by handling media, public and government relations. The committee is responsible for maintaining contacts with other creative arts organizations and developing relationships with other professional organizations and academic institutions.

Are you a current OEATA member interested in joining a committee? Contact us for more information on how to join!

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