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Photo of Suzanne Aldis Routh

Suzanne Aldis Routh

Expressive Arts Practitioner & Counsellor

Suzanne is a calm and engaging counselor and ‘solution focused’ practitioner who creates safe places for individuals to explore and find what they need.

As a consultant in social ability, leadership and creativity, she has worked with small groups, large groups, individuals, and couples, helping them discover whatever it is they need, inside and outside of themselves, to find a new way to be in the world, if that is what they want.…

Photo of Norma Araiza

Norma Araiza

RP, MFA Dance Ethnology, Social Psychologist,Expressive Arts Therapist, Educator, Performing Artist, Board member

Norma works at Hospice Toronto as an Expressive Arts Therapist with people with life threatening illnesses. She also deals with issues of grief and bereavement, anticipatory grief and loss. She works with different modalities and is open to work with anything that helps her clients to express themselves. She also brings elements from her Indigenous background into her practice.…

Photo of Johanne Ascoli

Johanne Ascoli

Expressive Arts Therapist

Johanne courageously shifted her life and returned to her original loves— creative expression, Mother Earth, psychology and spirituality—after two decades as a strategic public policy and legislative advisor at various levels of the government, including with the BC government in service of survivors of violence. Drawing on her passions, skills, training and lived experience, she now supports others in healing the soul wounds that keep them from living the vibrant lives they so long for and deserve; the wounds that keep them separate from their sacred relationship to self, others and the Earth.…

Photo of Lorraine Aston MHK, R-DMT

Lorraine Aston, MHK, R-DMT

Registered Dance/Movement Therapist, Dance Facilitator, Mental Performance Coach, Master’s in applied sport psychology

Clients are often drawn to dance therapy because they want to feel more at home in their bodies. They may want to explore ways of moving more effectively towards their goals, or they may want to understand the stories and heal the pain their bodies carry.

My approach is gentle, creative, collaborative and strength-based. I believe we each have the capacity to create positive change in our lives.…

Photo of Asta Au

Asta Au

ExAT (in training), M.A (Candidate)

I am a second-generation, Chinese Canadian and a settler living in the Greater Toronto Area. I also identify as cisgender, able-bodied, queer, neurodivergent and Chinese.  My pronouns are she/her.

I’m playful, goofy and love to laugh. My sense of humour can be dark sometimes. I am a lover of all things cute and fluffy.…

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