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Photo of Mithila Ballal

Mithila Ballal

Registered Psychotherapist and Registered Dance/Movement Therapist

Being a therapist, my passion is to be present for those in need. As I say this, I feel honoured to help those who are going through and have been through trauma, grief and anxiety. I am willing to help you through your journey.

Personally, I have lived through the experience of childhood trauma and this has resulted in helping me identify and recognize my strengths and vulnerabilities.…

Photo of carol barrett

carol barrett

Expressive Arts Therapist

As an Expressive Arts Therapist  I accompany clients through a verbal and creative process to explore, play, express feelings, thoughts and beliefs that may disrupt or restrict their lives.  The arts have the capacity to contain and transform the suffering of heartbreaking loss, the effects of traumatic experiences or hold the beauty of the natural world…

Photo of Sam Brocklebank

Sam Brocklebank

Expressive Arts Therapist

Hi! I’m Sam (she/her), an Expressive Arts Therapist and owner of The Healing Hearts Club in the Niagara Region of Southern Ontario.

At The Healing Hearts Club, I offer a sanctuary for the exploration of life at large, as well as a safe haven for those grappling with feelings of anxiety, grief, burnout, overwhelm, or a lack of direction.…

Photo of Daphne Browne

Daphne Browne

Expressive Art Therapist

I offer an integrated approach to therapy incorporating the expressive arts, compassion- focused therapy, mindfulness and trauma informed care. My focus is to support clients to feel heard, to de-stress, and to connect to their inner resources and strengthen life skills. Areas of practice are with adults in the areas of life transitions, stress/anxiety and bereavement.…

Photo of Jasper Bryan BA(h) EXAT

Jasper Bryan, BA(h) EXAT

Expressive Arts Therapist & Facilitator

Hi! I’m Jasper. I’m a queer expressive arts therapist and community arts facilitator. I use my imagination to stir up creative things.

Whether you’re an artist, want to incorporate more creativity into your life, or are scared of art and think you’re “bad” at it, expressive arts therapy can support you in living your best creative life.…

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