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Anna Maliatski

Work 3744 Sunset street Burnaby Canada Burnaby British Columbia V5G1T2 Canada Website: Website


Greetings, I’m Anna, a multifaceted professional blending art, design, therapy, and a background in architecture. As a dual immigrant from Latvia and Israel, I’ve navigated a life of being a perpetual ‘misfit’, often standing out for my accent, appearance, and culture. Today, I call the stunning British Columbia home, respecting the ancestral lands of the Coast Salish Peoples. I’m deeply committed to acknowledging and rectifying the multi-generational harm done to Indigenous communities.

My healing journey, rooted in personal struggles with anxiety, depression, and neurodiversity, led me to discover the profound therapeutic power of arts, movement, clay work, and mindfulness. Now, I integrate these experiences into trauma-informed, human-centered, and strength-based approaches.

I hold a diverse educational background, culminating in a Master’s Degree in Art, Product Design, and Business Management from Israel, and a post-graduate diploma in Expressive Arts Therapy in Canada. As a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (#3125) with the Association of Counselling Therapists, I engage in continuous personal therapy and professional development, including certifications in various modalities.

My practice specializes in addressing stress-related issues and self-inhibition, offering an integrative approach that combines counseling, Internal Family Systems, DBT methods, clay work, and Expressive Arts. I’m experienced in working with clients identifying as women, non-binary, and genderqueer, as well as those with ADHD.

Beyond individual therapy, I’m passionate about crafting custom-tailored Expressive Arts workshops. I collaborate with local organizations and volunteer with community groups, bringing the healing power of art to diverse audiences.

In addition to English, I’m fluent in Russian and Hebrew, with a basic understanding of Ukrainian and French.

Let’s embark on a journey of self-discovery, breaking free from societal expectations. Embrace your imperfections, celebrate your uniqueness, and let the richness of the human experience weave its magic through your life. Together, we’ll nurture your path to self-acceptance, self-compassion, and profound transformation. Remember, you are worthy, you are loved, and you are enough.

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