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Danielle Dickson, EXAT, RTC, RYT

Expressive Arts Therapist Bee True Studio
Work 210 Fifth Street Nanaimo Nanaimo British Columbia V9R 1N4 Work Phone: 250.327.8422 Website: Bee True Studio


Through my work as an Expressive Arts Therapist, I invite people to explore their authentic expression while providing a supportive environment for growth and expansion. My expressive arts practice weaves together mindfulness, nature based therapies, somatic oriented approaches and internal family systems theory. I consider art to have the power to support healing which I have observed can also lead to moments of surprise, empathy, empowerment and enriching self discoveries. My own inspiration is drawn from art making, movement and my observation of our universal interconnectedness.

Growing up I had access to a variety of art materials and used drawing and writing as outlets to process emotions.

It was through the process of art making that I discovered healing, deepened my understanding of who I was, and developed resources to support myself as I moved through life. I have always believed in the power of art as a way to heal lives through supporting connection to our senses and in turn to ourselves. I deeply believe in the importance of providing a supportive therapeutic environment and the intentional space I hold for others is inspired by the beauty, complexity and intimacy found in process based art making experience. Within this space I aim to encourage and support clients to explore themselves, through inviting curiosity and play while exploring different art materials and modalities. 

Expressive Arts Therapy Sessions available online or in person (depending on location). The studio is located in Nanaimo, BC (Canada). Please contact me for more information.


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210 Fifth Street Nanaimo British Columbia V9R 1N4

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