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Mariya Garnet

Expressive Arts Therapist in training


I am Mariya Garnet, an artist, coach, and an Expressive Arts Therapist in training a diverse background spanning various disciplines.

My journey commenced with a foundation in music education and culminated in earning an advanced diploma in Media Arts, specializing in filmmaking, from Sheridan College. Alongside, I delved into indigenous practices, particularly within the Amazonian Vegetalismo tradition, exploring mental and spiritual health realms. I further honed my expertise by obtaining a diploma in practical psychology from the Institute of Advanced Psychotechnologies in Russia, with a focus on integral neuroprogramming.

Currently, I am a postgraduate student at the CREATE Institute in Toronto, where I am expanding my knowledge through the Expressive Arts Therapy program. Concurrently, I am an active member of the sound healing duo, Project Mariri, and regularly curate community events and workshops that utilize music as a catalyst for healing and self-discovery.

My approach is deeply holistic, intertwining my fascination with the human subconscious with avenues of creative expression. I aspire to enrich the human experience through art, play, indigenous wisdom, and a profound connection to nature, infusing my practice with a diverse array of skills and insights.


  • Russian
  • Spanish

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