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Norah Kathleen Mooney

Expressive Arts Therapist Ember n’Art Studios
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My name is Norah Mooney(she/her); I am an artist, and expressive arts therapist.
I am the youngest of six children and a mother of one. From an early age I began using my own artistic process to help myself navigate the joys and challenges of life.
I have a diploma from CREATE institute – a centre for expressive arts therapy. As well as a baccalaureate of arts degree from the University of Guelph. Before studying expressive arts therapy, I worked for seven seasons in emergency response, four of which I worked as a forest fire ranger.

As a white cis-gendered woman I feel it is imperative that I continue to deepen my understanding on the ways these parts of my identity have influenced my life, and how to hold myself accountable. As a settler on this land I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to seek education and training to further my understanding of what it means to be a treaty person. As well as how best to employ practises that are trauma informed, and culturally appropriate. I strive to live and work in a way that is aligned with truth and reconciliation .

Thus far in my career I have experience working with 2SLGBTQ+ folks, youth, families, Indigenous communities, people using substances as a coping mechanism, and many people who have experienced marginalization.

My practise, Ember n’ Art Studio’s is centred around the idea that everyone has a unique creative capacity within themselves. My work is about witnessing that unique ember that is creative capacity, and helping people make space for this in their daily lives. Together we find ways to integrate the arts so that they may accompany folks on their journey. When the arts are by our sides, they help to hold the stories and tragedies that are just too heavy for our human hearts to bare. And when times are good, the arts help us to elevate to new heights.

Art is in each of our hearts. It is my honour and privilege to work with folks not just to help them to process trauma and difficult emotions. But to help them step more fully into a deeply attuned, authentic way of being.


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