Professional liability and business property insurance options for OEATA members is available through McFarlan and Rowlands.

Visit them here McFarlan Rowlands

*It has come to our attention that the company has relocated. See the new application form with the new address below.

McFarlan Rowlands InsurancE


The by-laws for the new College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario require all members to have liability insurance.


20.01 – Requirement to Carry Insurance
(1) A Member, other than an Inactive Member who has purchased any run-off coverage (sometimes called enduring or tail coverage) contemplated by these by-laws, must carry professional liability insurance with the following characteristics:

(i) a minimum of no less than $1,000,000 per occurrence;

(ii) annual aggregate coverage of no less than $5,000,000;

(iii) a deductible of no more than $4,000 per occurrence;

(iv) run-off coverage (sometimes called enduring or tail coverage) for a minimum of two (2) years;

(v) provided by an insurer licensed with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario or the office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada; and

(vi) a sexual abuse therapy and counselling fund endorsement that,
a. provides coverage for therapy and counselling for every person eligible for funding under subsection 85.7(4) of the Code; and
b. provides coverage, in respect of each such eligible person, for the maximum amount of funding that may be provided for the person under the RHPA, for therapy and counselling as a result of sexual abuse by the Member.

(2) An Inactive Member who has practised in Ontario within the previous two years must carry professional liability run off coverage (sometimes called enduring or tail coverage) consistent with this article for a minimum of two (2) years since the Member last practised in Ontario.

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